The next move…

After delivering two fantastic courses and creating two successful performances, the SoundMoves team are exploring the possibilities for a second phase of this exciting and innovative project. We had an amazing experience working with you all and each other, exploring the fascinating world of dance and music improvisations. But don’t just take our word for it!

About the Tap Rhythm Project course:

“I’ve really enjoyed learning from high quality course leaders and picking up techniques from their improvisation demonstrations. I feel my confidence in improvisation has improved”. Hannah Paice, Dance Tutor

DSC_0889  Helen Wilson and Myke Wilson

“It’s been incredibly beneficial working with a musicians and a tap teacher together because we were really able to explore a huge variety of styles and key signatures. We learned how to work with musicians and how to interact giving me confidence to explore new music styles and time signatures I haven’t working in”. Helen Walker, Music Teacher

About the Mixed Movement course:

“I enjoyed meeting and connecting other people from different dance styles, learning to let go and dance!” Ele Skimer, Performer


“In other improvisations I have not experienced this many different dance styles. I loved the African vibe mixed with the tap dancing”. Jessica

DSC_0914 DSC_0907

“Fantastic opportunity to work with Myke the musician. Having the live element of sound brings a dynamic energy, new concepts and ideas of moving”. Trixabelle Bold, Dancer and Course Tutor

“I am a musician so will incorporate more of this in my playing”. Jamal Lewis, Musician and Performer



Dates finalised for SoundMoves Mixed Movement Course at Contact!

This course is designed for people who identify as movers (various dance techniques, improvisers, active martial arts practice, etc). We’re offering you the chance to experiment and learn with us about dance-music improvisation in a course designed to give you practical experience of live improvisation across a range of music styles. This is your opportunity to ask all those questions about music and dance that will build your understanding of movement and musicality.

The course will be delivered by the fabulous Dora Cruz , Al MacSween and Myke Wilson.

See the Courses page above for more info